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History of Scarborough Secondary School

Foundation and Start

The birth of Scarborough Secondary School was a milestone event for Tobago, and perhaps quite aptly took place during a period of major transition for our country. This period saw the end of Colonialism and the birth of Independence of Trinidad and Tobago.

  Scarborough Secondary School was started in 1961, on what was once a British military camp drilling and marching square and opposite “Burleigh House”, a popular guest house. This military barracks was called KING’S CAMP. Remains of this inscription can still be seen on the back walls of the present compound.

Many of the fortifications were destroyed after Independence in 1962, as the young nation sought to construct the much-needed infrastructure to house students. The school buildings were extended over time to accommodate the changing curriculum and expanded enrollment of students.


The initial enrollment was 92 students. There were 40 boys and 52 girls.  

The current enrollment is 821 with a teaching staff of 61.


Scarborough Secondary has always had a very eclectic teaching staff.  Many individuals have been called upon to lead this noble institution and to guide students and staff into the future.

First principal was: George Callender

Current principal: Mrs. Thecla Stephen, Acting

Other notable principals have been:

Lincoln Warner - Teacher, musician.


The current school address is:

26-34 Old Government Farm Road,

Shaw Park,

Scarborough 900108

Trinidad and Tobago

School Name

  As the years unfolded, the name and curriculum offered by the school were modified as the educational policies of government were changed to meet the societal needs.

 1961 – 1964:   Scarborough Secondary Modern School aka Technical School and Central School.

1964 – 1972: Scarborough Secondary School

1972-1997:   Scarborough Junior Secondary School

1997 – Present: Scarborough Secondary School aka “Sec.”

School Uniform

At inception, the school’s uniform for boys and girls was very British in design and not very suited to the climate in the tropical isle of Tobago. The boys’ uniform (1961 – 1967) included grey flannel shorts, white shirt, tie and cap. The girls’ uniform included a ranger cap, grey linen overall and blouse with a tie.

As our nation matured, and our independence grew stronger, the uniform, was modified to one suited to our climate - Grey long pants and white shirts with no ties for the boys and Grey “A” line skirts with white blouses for the girls.

Currently, the male uniform is Dark blue long pants and white shirt jackets, black shoes and socks.  The girls are attired in a dark blue plaid with white shirts, black shoes and socks.


Hall Of Fame

Scarborough Secondary is famous for producing well rounded graduates who have gone on to fulfill their fullest potential and represent this island in various forms.  Sec is known especially for Sports and Cultural excellence, we have also produced several persons of academic worth and fame.

Akeem Stewart World Record Holder: Shot Putt

Renny Quow Athlete

Dwight Yorke   Footballer

Martha Archer  Sport Administrator

Evans King (deceased)  Diplomat

Glen Roach   Asst. Commissioner of Police

Glenn Toppin   Deputy Fire Chief

Gloria Cook (deceased) - Banker

John Prince   Public Service Technocrat

Peter O Neil  Chief Education Officer

Rensel Dillon  Chemist/Researcher

Dr. Delmon Baker Medical Doctor; Politician

Shamfa Cudjoe  Politician

Stanley Beard  Politician

Deon Isaac Politician

Wilcox Morris   Artist/Painter