Visual & Performing Arts

Head of Department: Ms. Ronette Reid-Guilland

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts is committed to promoting the Creative Arts by fostering artistic expression, critical and creative thinking, cultural awareness and community engagement.  We aim to foster in our students a life-long passion for the arts that will result in individuals who can communicate and contribute to the nation and the world.

Department Members 

Ms.  M. Marfan Music

Ms. G Alexander Music

Mrs. O. Gordon-Holder                 Theatre Arts

Ms. D. Quashie                                Visual Arts

Mrs. J. Crouch                                    Visual Arts

Mr.  L. Lewis                            Visual Arts

Ms. R. Reid-Guilland                Visual Arts

On Monday January 16th 2023, Scarborough Secondary School received a donation from the Curriculum Division office of Trinidad.  Three tenor pans, two quatros and two djembles were added to the Store.  On hand to hand over the donations were Mrs. Avie Bacchus-Hopkins, Curriculum Officer, Tobago and Ms. Marceline Peters, Curriculum Coordinator,  Curriculum Division, Trinidad.  Receiving the much needed items are Ms. M. Marfan and Ms. G. Alexander, music teachers.

Music teachers Ms. Marfan and Ms. Alexander receiving musical equipments.

Ms. Marfan and Ms. Alexander posing with the quatros.

From right: Ms. A. Bacchus-Hopkins, Ms. M. Marfan,  Ms. G. Alexander and Ms. Marceline Peters.